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####FLOPPY BLURB So, Flappy Bird. It’s similar in a way, I suppose, to games like Super Hexagon - very challenging, get-this-thing–through-that-gap action. I enjoy Super Hexagon because it’s fast, testing your reactions and your ability to recognise patterns. It’s also stylish as fuck. Flappy Bird, on the other hand, isn’t that fast and doesn’t have much (if any) repetition in the position of the gaps you are traversing. Its challenge comes from its controls, which use an intentionally sensitive physics-based system. Keeping the bird level is a challenge, and quickly adjusting height while doing so seems impossible at first.

Like living upside down, though, with repeated exposure you can eventually compensate for the challenging controls and rack up a healthy number of points. That so many people have actually gone through this pain is the strangest part to me - though not all that strange really, given our history with games.

Anyway, this was a quick game to make, as I could use a lot of the out-of-the-box physics features in Unity. I ran into some weirdness with the pipes; it seems that if you want your collisions to reliably trigger you need to make sure you’re using a proper rigidbody on your obstacles and moving them as a physics object instead of just repositioning the usual way (by setting the transform). Generally, though, it was all pretty straightforward. I also had a chance to use a leftover piece of music from my good pal Chris. It might seem inappropriate for such a brash, tacky game, but you’ll soon see it becomes sublime as you enter a flow state (!).

It’s always good to finish a quick project like this one after a break, to remind yourself that you are capable of starting & succeeding creative work.

Onwards & upwards!

Project Details

Date: Jan 14, 2016

Team: Jack Harrison, Chris Roberts

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Tagged: Game, Clone, Learning

Source: GitHub

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