Lawn Tennis

####LAWN TENNIS This was the first clone I put together - somewhat fittingly, as Pong is one of the earliest video games. Unity makes things like detecting collisions and applying forces to objects pretty straightforward, but I had to make some physics fudges to ensure that i) the game was fun and ii) the game didn’t reach a stalemate.

On the first point, I increased the ball velocity with every hit to increase tension as the rally continued. I also affected the bounce angle depending on where on the paddle the ball was hit, again to make things more frantic over time. On the second point, I had to introduce a number of fallback statements that triggered if, for example, the ball was stuck going back & forth in a straight line at the top or bottom of the screen. All in all though, this was a simple & fun game to make - especially with the classy theming!

Project Details

Date: Apr 23, 2015

Team: Jack Harrison

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Tagged: Game, Clone, Learning

Source: GitHub

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